quality test of placement of components
quality test of soldering
quality test of soldering
MIKRO-MESS-GMBH - Measuring systems for environment protection
We are an ISO 9001:2015 certificated company and we produce sensors for relative pressure,
differential pressure, filling level, flow, volume flow, humidity- and temperature measuring instruments,
industrial measuring instruments, controls and regulations of the ICA-technology for mobile and
stationary filters as well as exhaust systems, conveyor systems, climate systems, ventilation and filter systems, cleanroom technology and further industrial applications.
Our sensors and devices are designed for a long-standing, reliably continuous use and are used
by our customers worldwide on all continents whether in arctic cold or wasteland, tropical humid areas,
on high sea, in normal climates or explosion-threatened surroundings.
Our registered trade mark stands for robust, field tested,
reliable ICA-devices with a high-class claim
Therefore, our motto is: Dependability by quality.
We would like being your partner for the ICA-technology of your industrial arrangements
which should work reliably about many years freely of disturbance. Our offerings refer exclusively to commercial customers, public authorities and resellers.
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